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"I Motivate Me" is a major movement that empowers, encourages and motivates women. Ron Carey the founder of "I Motivate Me" is a Life Coach, Author and self- educated gifted speaker who provides sound relationship advice from an imperfect man's perspective. He's commonly known for his popular "#Now Watch This" hash tag, followed by his point of view, examples for clarity and understanding. Women from all over the world tune into Ron Carey's social media pages daily, to read his authentic posts. Ron not only encourages women to get right internally, but also externally. He stresses the importance of health is wealth and a fit body can house a fit mind better. His fitness videos and health tips are phenomenal, which inspire women from all walks of life and motivates them to live a healthy life style. Ron's motto to "Physical Appearance" is "When you look good, you feel good" and "You're what you eat".

Proven Results

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Diet 80%
Workout 20%
Mind 100%
Body 100%
Spirit 100%



iMotivateMe movement teaches women and men to look at their self for encouragement.

Ron Carey emphasizes positive change through setting and achieving of self-defined goals.

Trouble Don't Last Always


Your struggle, pain and anguish. Your insecurities, lack of money and relationship issues. Your trust issues, lack of discipline and heavy hurt. Will Not Kill You. I encourage you to keep pushing, keep grinding, keep trying. Stay determined and keep on keeping on.

Love yourself


I don't care how you look physically, I don't care how your bank account looks financially. But I do care if you are NOT loving yourself emotionally. Self love is not a sin nor is it a crime. I hope I've inspired someone to seek happiness today.

It's better to wait..


If you have made mistakes in the past when it comes to relationships.. Get Over It. We ALL have chosen the wrong one.. Once or Twice. If for some reason you have yet to learn from your mistakes then that's a YOU problem.

Release those bags


Today is a great day to breathe and RELEASE. No, I don't know what you've been through but I am familiar with HOPE and as long as you have HOPE you have a chance for peace and tranquility to deal with what you're going through.


Stay Positive

If you woke up in your big california king bed looking sexy and smelling good but all alone....Take it as a blessing, No Stress. Your day will come. Get up Queen, Look in the mirror, you're beautiful. No Worries.

No Relationship is Perfect


I would never encourage someone to stay in a bad, unhealthy or toxic relationship but if your man has potential and he is "TRYING" it would be wise to work with what you have instead of starting over everytime you get mad at him.

Our Services

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Ron's gift is helping guide women through their toughest days, whether it's a broken relationship/marriage/death of spouse, struggling single mothers, spiritually and emotionally drained women dealing with the every day life challenges.
He is a positive role model that inspires many, by his wisdom and knowledge driven from his own good and bad life experiences.

Speaking Engagements

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Ron Carey is a self educated life coach. His authentic speaking skills and motivating delivery is by far a breathe of fresh air. Motivating and enlighting to say the least

Life Training Skills

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Classes about Mental, Physical and Emotional strength. Ron Carey is empowering people Spiritually and Financially.

Health & Fitness

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When you look good you FEEL good. Ron Carey teaches people that 80% is diet and 20% is your workout. His videos and DVDs are phenomenal.


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Ron Carey mentors countless people world wide through social media, emails and telephone calls.

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"I Motivate Me" movement teaches women and men to look at their self for encouragement.
Yes someone can start a spark in you, however only you can kickoff the flame.









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